As Joe Biden Drowns, Some Pollsters Are Trying To Pull Him Up

It has been pretty apparent that Biden’s poll ratings have been sinking deeper, especially since the Afghanistan debacle. Even though Afghanistan has become old news and has faded from the front pages, it has severely marked the ratings. So much so that the rating fell in minus double-digits. Just last month, as recorded by Gallop, Biden approval was at -10.

Yet surprisingly, there have been polls showing Biden in a safe zone with ratings in positive. The latest poll from CNN has the ratings split at 50-50. The IBD/TIPP’s most recent poll has recorded a +4 rise in Biden’s approval, and lastly, The Hill poll’s most recent ratings have Biden’s approval rise at +5. But it is all a lie. They are better and stupid enough to be fooled with such numbers when Biden’s average RealClearPolitics is at -8.2 points.

The polls depicting Biden in positive numbers can not be trusted because we aren’t sure if they show how Americans feel about Biden. It has been made clear from several polls already that the significant amount of support that Biden has lost so far is from the independent and the unaffiliated voters. For Biden to have his approval ratings in positive, he will have to be in a positive image for the independent and the unaffiliated voters.

So far as the majority of the polls are concerned, it has become apparent that Biden is not winning any positive ratings from the independent and the unaffiliated voters. We ask CNN who they think they’re fooling. Biden has lost the faith of a vast majority of voters, and the bogus polls with positive ratings will not make it accurate.