Arnold Schwarzenegger Made ‘A Minimal Donation’ To Assist Homeless Veterans

Arnold Schwarzenegger was formerly the governor of California, currently experiencing a severe homeless issue. So he reached into his pocket and took 0.06 percent of his fortune to construct 25 tiny homes for the needy. Each of these small dwellings costs $10,000 and is approximately the size of a big tent with walls.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a well-known actor and film director across the world. His net worth is approximately $400 million, despite having been retired for decades. He gave $250,000 to Veterans Affairs Secretary Denis McDonough and AMVETS cooperation to create small dwellings for homeless veterans.

According to the news, people believe it’s fantastic that these homeless veterans are no longer on the streets and have a place to call home. America has a shameful history of abandoning those who wore the military to defend her, and Schwarzenegger did the right thing by considering assisting these guys. It’s been a lifeline for him, stated the man in this video. Arnold deserves credit for making that happen.

Moreover, Schwarzenegger handed out coins in the same manner that people may drop a $100 bill in the “poor” box at church or contribute to the Salvation Army before it got woken up. Even still, as previously stated, the gift represented just 0.06 percent of his entire fortune, and he might have done better and contributed more. He should have given away more for someone as affluent as Arnold.

Therefore with $250,000, Arnold was able to purchase 25 properties. That’s $10,000 per little box unless the calculation is entirely incorrect, which is conceivable. The boxes were constructed on the grounds of the Los Angeles Veterans Administration’s Rehabilitation Services. They don’t appear to have access to running water.