Armed Antifa Activists From Portland ‘Blame Police’ When Things Got Violent After They Had A ‘Fight’ With A Biker Gang

Antifa activists appear to have sparked a battle with a prominent motorcycle gang in the Portland, Oregon, region. Police are still investigating, but people know that officers were summoned to a disturbance that swiftly escalated into a shooting on Saturday night. On Saturday night, at least one person in Portland was killed, and five others were injured.

Two known Antifa militants took over a news conference in Portland and accused the police of protecting them. According to authorities, their colleagues had gone the night before to challenge members of the famed Portland area biker gang, the Gypsy Jokers. According to police, at least one of the Antifa militants was armed (which they usually are).

According to one of the group’s founders, Erin Nolan, Portland police are dispatching “Gypsy Jokers” to capture Antifa demonstrators. Nolan accused Portland police of promoting Antifa violence, claiming that “they are endorsing this brutality against them.” She wants to know if Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler “cares” about the shooting that killed one person and injured five more.

Moreover, Antifa thugs pursued the lieutenant back to his patrol car and attempted to surround it with their favored tactic. She explained why they took over the press conference by saying, “They are not going to allow them to dominate the narrative,” while pointing to the cops. When Antifa picks a fight with a motorcycle gang, Antifa looks very stupid.

The Portland Gypsy Jokers are perhaps the most aggressive, drug-dealing, anti-social bikers this side of the Hells Angels. For the past two to three years, Antifa and its BLM acolytes have done nothing except degrade the Portland Police Department. “They’re murdering us,” said the white woman at the news conference.

Therefore Portland Antifa also participated in Gov. Kate Brown’s mask and vaccination shock army enforcement. The aggressive, infantile Antifa clashed with a legendary, violent motorcycle gang that, unlike the cops, would fight back. Portland’s police force has been decimated due to municipal commissioners and the Mayor taking these Antifa knuckleheads’ word that there should be fewer officers.