Arizona GOP Governor Filling In Border Wall Gaps

Republican Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has started a state project to handle the border security responsibilities that Joe Biden has turned his back on. On Friday, Ducey announced several construction projects that will place physical barriers in gaps in the wall on his state’s border with Mexico.

The construction work has begun with workers placing shipping containers that have been welded shut along open areas in the wall. Ducey said that containers will be stacked two high and topped with several feet of razor wire, producing a solid 22-foot tall barrier.

Funding for the construction projects will come through allocations in a $564 million spending bill enacted in June. The bill specifically provides funding for physical barriers, additional technology, and more staffing by public safety officers along the border.

The bill specifically recognizes that state-level spending is necessary because of the border crisis created by the Biden administration. When he signed the bill into law, Ducey said the investment is needed to provide “law enforcement professionals another critical resource they need to successfully do their jobs.”

He added that Arizonans are “standing up for the rule of law” and committing themselves to “securing our state and our entire nation.”

Biden’s Department of Homeland Security announced Monday that President Donald Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy would officially be terminated following a ruling by the Supreme Court in June. It declared that the Trump policy has “endemic flaws, imposes unjustifiable human costs, and pulls resources and personnel away from other priority efforts to secure our border.”

Arizona does not have official permission from the federal government to block gaps in the wall. State construction officials believe that the work to close holes can be completed within days.

Attorney Annie Foster works for the Ducey administration and said, “At this point, we are closing that gap and we’ll figure out the consequences as we move forward.”

Ducey’s move to complete the construction of the border wall follows similar work undertaken in Texas by Republican Gov. Greg Abbott. Operation Lone Star is underway in Texas to complete border barriers, and deploy National Guard and DPS personnel.

Texas has also been bussing illegal border crossers to Washington, D.C., and New York City to show liberal enclaves the human cost of being a “sanctuary city.”

Ducey is term-limited from running for a third term as Arizona governor. The gubernatorial election in November will see Republican and Trump-endorsed Kari Lake face off against Democratic Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs.