‘Appalling’: Biden Scrapped Trump Afghanistan Rescue Plan

The unplanned and chaotic exit of American forces from Afghanistan has wreaked havoc, as many foreign and Afghan nationals seek to escape the Taliban-ruled state, resorting to extreme measures in this case. This unplanned evacuation of U.S. forces has given rise to a disastrous and chaotic situation, as American citizens in Afghanistan who were left to fend for themselves after the overnight withdrawal of Armed troops live in constant fear of possibly being held hostage by the Taliban forces.

The fact that puts American nationals stranded in Kabul in an even hostile position is that the “Contingency and Crisis Plan” devised by the Trump government to avoid any such threatening situations was carelessly discarded when Joe Biden came to power. And although the currently existing chaotic situation is because of the lack of a proper contingency plan, Biden continues to lie to our faces, saying that they have a way of controlling this crisis.

The evident lack of a proper and effective contingency plan in the case of the Afghanistan crisis is the reason why many Americans continue to be stranded in the disaster-stricken state. One of the major issues was that, unlike previous problems where the citizens were evacuated before the military, the military forces haphazardly withdrew from Afghanistan overnight, with no plan to evacuate the citizens in place. Moreover, the closure of the Bagram airbase further restricted the authorities and contact that the U.S. forces had with the stranded citizens, mercilessly exposing them to possibly becoming hostages to the Taliban. But in such a situation, one would think the president would be highly concerned regarding the safety and security of his citizens.

Still, Biden appears to be relaxed in the current case, enjoying his stay at Camp David and Delaware. It is not so shocking, as previous accounts on Biden’s position on such international crises had shown how he has the tendencies of abandoning his allies as he did with South Vietnam when the war struck. So we can certainly state that Biden prefers his political rivalry and comfort over the safety and security of its residents, with the crises and Contingency Plan for evacuation of American citizens in emergencies being a prime illustration of how irresponsible and short-sighted Biden can be.