AOC Shifts All The Blame On ‘Capitalism’

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) sees injustices all around the country. With its “absolute pursuit of profit at whatever human, environmental, or societal cost,” their capitalist economic system is “irredeemable.” She also considers the United States to be “systematically racist.” Furthermore, “systematic racism” is inextricably linked to the “extractive” capitalist economy. A slew of crimes is linked together, including “the unfairness of slavery,” Jim Crow, redlining, the War on Drugs, mass imprisonment, and the climate “& beyond.” Everything is a disaster.

This type of enormous amorphous clot, in which it is difficult to determine where racism ends and Capitalism, redlining, Jim Crow “& beyond” begin, makes sensible discussion of her claims difficult. Perhaps that is the plan. Once upon a time, our colleges would have taught students to differentiate concepts from these properly. They would have learned that if they create a causal connection, they must present proof (hard to do for social and historical matters).

Moreover, AOC’s emotional statements are intended for the microphone (and the next election), not for honest reasoned debate. Her allegation that the US capitalist system is based on the “absolute pursuit of profit” at the expense of human life appears to contradict her claim that the same system is consistently racist. However, one should not be discouraged. The point is simple to understand. A corporation that encounters a Black individual who, due to superior intelligence, speaking ability, or empathy, can sell more automobiles than the company’s White employees will naturally hire and promote that person. That is what the term “absolute” signifies.

AOC appears to have missed that Capitalism is created with an anti-racist premise. Because a capitalist society is focused on the “absolute” pursuit of wealth, a genuine US capitalist will only perceive one color, namely green, the color of the currency. As difficult as it may be for AOC to accept, the profit motive she despises is also a fantastic incentive to keep one’s customers alive and happy so that they may buy one’s products.

Therefore Capitalism reduces hate between races and peoples while bringing entire populations to productive civilized material and intellectual life. Anti-capitalists fail to recognize that they liberate prominent people and races in the process. In the Communist Manifesto, none other than Karl Marx makes this claim. According to AOC, the goal of people battling racism and pollution should not be to dismantle Capitalism but to make it more self-aware. Racism and pollution harm businesses’ bottom lines, and she believes that capitalists must be educated to see this. Anti-capitalists would argue that if Capitalism is so effective in combating them, why has the United States suffered so greatly from them?