AOC Slams President Biden For Lying About The Infrastructure Deal

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has spoken up about Biden’s current plans regarding the infrastructure bill that just got passed in the house. Biden said that with this bill, the Administration would get rid of all the cheap lead pipes. He also stated that everyone would turn on the tap and drink clean water by replacing the lead pipes.

AOC did not stay back after Biden’s lie and called him out. She said that the BIF provides $15 billion, which is not enough to replace every lead pipe. To replace every lead pipe of the nation would require $45-50 billion. In this way, she said that the communities that have not been getting clean drinking water all these years would be denied the opportunity again. She emphasized that the Administration should not promise something they can not deliver because it will only harm people’s expectations of the Administration further. With $15 billion, only some pipes will be replaced, and the majority will remain.

While insisting on pushing for Build Back Better, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said she wants to protect her party from the disappointment and the collapse that will occur as a turnout from those communities that will be denied the new pipes. She suggested that the Biden Administration should correct their messages right now before the situation worsened and added that taking the step is good, but posing it as a solution can have consequences if the promises are not kept.

Alexandria made a very sensible and informed suggestion to Biden, saying that the consequences of the unkept promises could depress future elections. Of course, by this statement, she was talking about her party as well.