Minneapolis Police Referendum Vote Caps Off A Bad Day For The Left

The decision desk HQ called the Virginia race for Republican Glenn Youngkin, making it a GOP sweep in the state. Virginia has been the stronghold for the Democrats since 2009, and Youngkin will be the first Republican Governor in over a decade. With Youngkin having defeated Democratic Nominee Terry McAuliffe, the election will be a bellwether for the upcoming elections of 2022. Meanwhile, another vote will be held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to defund the Police force.

Following the George Floyd case, the referendum was being pushed regarding defunding the police force. By last year, there were about 817 officers on the payroll in the police force, and now there are only 638 in the ranks. The reduced number is the result of the onset of the protests surrounding the George Floyd case. Some officers even resigned while others remained on extended leaves. But now, the referendum has been turned down.

Theo Keith tweeted that the efforts to replace the Minneapolis police department with a public safety agency have failed majorly. It turns out the voters do not want the Police Department to be replaced with a new unit. The whole situation has turned out like a complete rejection of the leftist policies, and many people have been calling defunding an utterly stupid decision.

It isn’t surprising that the Minneapolis voters do not want the Police Department to be replaced because unprotected neighborhoods do not make a good impression and do not account for a popular policy. It turns out people in Minnesota are still sane and know the difference between dumb social media elections and real life.