‘Anti-Semites Get Their Wish’: Democrats Yank Money For Israel Defense

Democrats have decided to retract the $1 Billion from the government funding package allotted for Israel’s missile defense. Anti-Semite progressives have gotten their wish with this decision. They protested against it because these Jew-hating progressives support terrorism and do not want Israel to have an Iron Dome missile defense system that will protect the lives of the Israeli’s against extremist Islamist terrorist organizations. The provision was stripped before the procedural vote because the House Leadership wanted to please its left flank.

Due to the Left’s longstanding disdain for the US’s alliance with Israel, the only liberal democracy existing in the Middle East, the Democrats are being portrayed by the Republicans as anti-Israel. The funding for Iron Dome is essential for protecting Israelis from the rocket attacks of terrorist organizations like Hamas. If the situation persists, the Israeli military may be forced to take over Gaza once again to protect its people. The budget can be pushed to an annual defense bill, but their anti-Semitic left flank is dominating the Dems.

It shows just how much these radical progressives hold disdain for the Israelis that they have pulled funding for the Iron Dome, which is a defense weapon for them. This weapon has saved thousands of Israeli lives against Islamic terror groups, and without it, they will be forced to retaliate with devastating force against the strikes. Several Israel-hating hypocrite representatives in the congress have taken up the talks with Pelosi to recall the funding. The biggest hypocrite of them all is Rep. Pramila Jayapal. But Pelosi and Biden won’t be bothered much. After all, they would prefer having their trillion-dollar reconciliation bill passed even if it requires pushing the economy towards never-ending inflation rather than pushing for billion-dollar funding for an Israeli defense weapon.