Another Left-Wing Narrative on Gun Ownership Disproven

After a string of tragic mass shootings in America, the Democrat Party is in full force to push a militant gun control agenda.

Some of the most common gun control arguments claim that concealed carry actually threatens public safety and that people don’t truly “need” firearms. Democrats are also known to claim that gun owners are actually more at risk simply by having firearms in their residences.

However, the notion that legal gun ownership somehow creates more murders with firearms is simply not backed by reality. In fact, this common claim from the gun control movement has just been debunked by a brand new study.

Breaking News From George Mason University
A groundbreaking study from George Mason University reveals that states with more gun owners do not carry higher crime rates than states with fewer gun owners and more gun control laws.

As it turns out, states with less gun control and more gun owners actually have lower rates of homicide. Meanwhile, in places like Chicago, Illinois (a community with heavy gun control restrictions), there are ongoing reports of homicides and other crimes being committed, often with illegally-owned weapons.

The George Mason University study is ironically backed by the May 2022 mass shooting in Brooklyn, New York. In the shooter’s manifesto, he said he targeted New York because of the gun control laws the state maintains.

Interestingly enough, this is not something the gun control movement has seriously talked about or addressed. Instead, opponents of the Second Amendment persist in demanding more gun grabs and hoops for lawful gun owners to jump through.

False and Dangerous Narratives From the Gun Control Movement
Americans should not hold their breath waiting for supporters of gun control to weigh in on the new George Mason University study. However, people can certainly count on continued untrue narratives from folks in favor of gun grabs.

Joe Biden, for instance, has repeated a series of false claims about firearms. However, the most shocking one of all is that 9mm pistols are able to force a human lung from the body.

Biden also claims that 9mms aren’t suitable firearms for people to own for self-defense. This comes in spite of 9mm handguns being one of the most favored firearms nationwide.

Supporters and defenders of the Second Amendment have been clear in their refusal to stand for gun grabs or other penalties against lawful firearms owners.