Another Dangerous Shortage is Coming Very Soon

The list of shortages that are happening in Joe Biden’s America is quickly getting longer.

One of the most notable examples today is the heartbreaking baby formula shortage. This shortage happened due to issues with Abbott Nutrition’s manufacturing plant.

However, the Biden administration waited months before acting. By the time the White House finally decided to have formula sent here from other nations, shelves were already bare and infants were already being admitted into hospitals.

The baby formula is still ongoing and expected to cause issues until at least the end of July. Yet, that hasn’t stopped news of a tampon shortage that’s recently come to light, following an announcement from Procter & Gamble.

On top of a lack of baby formula and tampons, Americans can now prepare for a lack of insulin in the country as well.

What to Know About the Incoming Insulin Shortage
Supply and demand is a major factor in shortages of insulin. Rising numbers of Americans are being medically diagnosed with issues like diabetes and prediabetes. Therefore, this creates a strong demand for insulin in the market.

Unfortunately, insulin supply is trending in the opposite direction. COVID, for starters, played a role in drug shortages, with insulin included in this. The FDA announced as much over two years ago.

With only three top companies that make insulin, along with middlemen that hold up the process of insulin getting to folks in need of it, this also creates the perfect storm of a shortage.

In previous times, the FDA tried to boost insulin access by putting older generic pharmaceuticals and biosimilars within the insulin market; however, this didn’t boost production levels to a notable extent or even bring down prices.

In many ways, the shortage in insulin parallels factors that led to the current baby formula shortage. Meanwhile, everyday Americans who need insulin for medical issues are left wondering what the federal government is going to do about this.

Horrible Moves By Biden
Like everything else in the market, insulin costs are rising because of inflation. Yet, rather than addressing inflation, Biden and the Democrats want to put price caps on what companies are able to charge.

The problem with this is very grave. When suppliers have to spend more money on acquisition and other related expenses, it’s natural for consumer costs to go up.

Therefore, if Democrats implement price caps on insulin, they’ll be forcing suppliers to sell at a loss. Eventually, this will trickle down to consumers in the form of even less available insulin.

All things considered, the last thing anyone needs is the Biden administration cracking down on medicine that’s much needed, yet in very short supply already.