Angelica Ross Calls Out Emma Roberts For Misgendering On Set

In a recent social media feud that has captured the attention of fans and critics alike, transgender actor Angelica Ross has publicly taken actress Emma Roberts to task for alleged insensitive remarks and transgender-related jokes made during their time together on the set of “American Horror Story.”

The incident, which unfolded during the filming of the ninth season of “American Horror Story: 1984” in 2019, came to light when Ross went live on Instagram to share her experiences. According to a report by Pink News, Ross accused Roberts of deliberately misgendering her during their collaboration.

Ross recounted a moment on set when Roberts jokingly complained to the director about her, saying, “Angelica is being mean.” The director responded with a simple, “Okay, ladies, that’s enough. Get back to work.” However, it was what happened next that left Ross stunned. 

“She then looks at me, she goes ‘don’t you mean lady? I’m standing there looking her deadass in the damn [camera] trying to process [what] the fuck she just said,” Ross recounted.

Feeling caught in a difficult situation, Ross said she hesitated to respond, fearing that speaking up would make her the problem. She explained, “I’m like, ‘If I say something, it’s going to be me that’s the problem,’ and I know this because there was someone who spoke up about what she was doing and they got repercussions from it. Not her! They did.”

“So when I saw that happening I was just like, ‘I’m done. I’m done.’ I didn’t speak to that b—- the entire time after that,” the actress recounted further.

Ross didn’t stop at this revelation; she also took to social media platform X to share more details about other alleged incidents. According to her, Roberts had mocked her voice, an incident that left her self-conscious about her voice on set.

In a follow-up post, Ross clarified her stance, urging her followers not to joke about violence towards Roberts but rather to hold her accountable for her actions.

The well-known figure in the LGBTQ+ community later revealed that Roberts had issued an apology for her actions. She acknowledged Roberts’ apology on social media, writing, “Thank you @RobertsEmma for calling and apologizing, recognizing your behavior was not that of an ally.” 

“I will leave the line open to follow up on your desire to do better and support social justice causes with your platform,” she added.