Andy Ngo Receives Justice Against Antifa

Andy Ngo of the Portland Tribune has been an invaluable asset in giving correct news when the media has been less than eager to cover the problem or, more often, has been inaccurate in reporting what has happened. Andy is a significant character in the struggle against anti-fascism, as everyone who has followed the Antifa movement in Portland over the last two years knows.

According to his accounts, one of the attacks resulted in a significant head injury. But, in another instance that occurred approximately a month before he incurred the head injury, he seemed to have obtained at least a tiny amount of justice.

According to conservative author Andy Ngo, a guy who reportedly assaulted him and stole his smartphone at a gym has been prosecuted. During the altercation, someone is overheard shouting, “I’m going to shatter your (expletive) phone.” Ngo has filed a lawsuit against Antifa, which he describes as violent fanatics claiming to be fighting for ‘racial justice.’

“There is still a long road ahead for Andy Ngo to receive the justice he deserves,” says Liberty Center CEO Harmeet K. Dhillon. It’s unclear why the man has waited so long to be charged. “This is a fantastic start,” she adds, “but we want to see more similar initiatives.”
But still, even if Antifa were apprehended, they would be freed swiftly, with many of them not even being prosecuted. Now, a growing number of Democrats are abandoning the “Defund the Police” policy, which has harmed their communities. The reason is that, as Ngo points out, it affects them politically in the eyes of the people. Let’s hope that’s a harbinger of genuine change in the future, and we’ll believe it when we see it from US Transportation Secretary Ted Wheeler.