Andrew Yang Leaves The Democrats, Call It ‘The Right Thing To Do’

A former Democratic presidential candidate and software entrepreneur has declared independence from the party. After leaving the party, Andrew Yang believes he can make “a larger effect” independent.

Yang claims he enrolled as a Democrat at 20 to vote for Bill Clinton’s reelection in 1996. After his political “homelessness” ends, Yang wants to form a third party, which he would call “Forward.”

Andrew Yang, a co-founder of Humanity Forward, is launching a book called “Forward: Notes on the Future of Our Democracy” this week. Yang stated that he is not advising anyone to alter their voting status to independent. The book gives the name of the new third party, “The Forward Party.” Yang founded the organization Humanity Forward in 2020 to bridge party divisions and provide economic aid to Americans.

He is advocating for ranked-choice voting and the inclusion of more independent voters in primaries. Yang: In open primaries, everyone can vote regardless of party membership.

In a few locations, such as New York City, ranked-choice voting is already in use, although its central value appears to be delaying the end of any specific election. It may be a poor idea, given how little faith and trust people still have in the elections.

Yang did not receive more than 3% of the vote in the New Hampshire primary and withdrew on the eve of the second election. Yang declared his candidacy for president in 2017, but he could never gain traction in the Democratic primary process.

After failing to connect with people in the mayoral election in New York City, Yang leaves the Democratic Party. Yang’s wacky answers to almost everything, including universal basic income, were out of step with the Democratic Party’s growing radicalization and racialization. However, it’s unclear if voters will notice.

Yang campaigned on the concept of universal basic income as a Democratic presidential candidate in 2020 and 2021. In 2021, he ran for mayor of New York City in the Democratic primary and finished fourth.