Andrew Cuomo Gives A Sociopathic Response After Investigation Confirms Sexual Harassment Allegations

New York attorney general Letitia James released information to the public that the investigation into Andrew Cuomo found that he had violated federal and state laws while sexually assaulting multiple women, one of which is a state trooper meant to protect him.

While James said that criminal charges would be up to local law enforcement and the victims, civil settlements will likely occur, and some may be criminal. Cuomo is adamant about remaining in office, but that may not be his choice.

Cuomo, of course, denied these claims and said his Italian culture makes him an affectionate person, going as far as showing pictures of him kissing people on the cheek as a warm gesture, and don’t forget he made sure to reference Black, White, young, and old to not exclude the race card.

Cuomo used the opportunity to highlight his own family’s dealings with sexual assault by mentioning a family member who was sexually assaulted in high school. Even as Governor, he says he couldn’t do anything to help take the pain away. This, of course, is meant to divert the attention from lewd acts and bring his sympathy for survivors of sexual assault to the forefront of the topic. That’s why it was mentioned very early on. Sociopaths will do everything they can to personalize the trauma and use methods of deception to bring attention to sympathy rather than predatory actions.

Cuomo’s body language is also very telling. When speaking about one of the victims, he says, “Charlotte, I want you to know that I am truly and deeply sorry,” then looks left, which has been shown as a sign of deception by body language analysts and police investigators.

The New York Attorney General said that the investigation included 179 individuals and 74,000 pieces of evidence and found that Cuomo engaged in “inappropriate groping, kissing, hugging, and inappropriate comments.”

Lack of remorse, lack of sympathy, deception, using intelligence or charisma, and lying for personal gain are all symptoms of a sociopathic disorder. All of which are displayed by Cuomo.

Cuomo’s book was a big hit, but his actual performance in the Covid-19 battle was a disaster. Cuomo shut down his state and sent Covid-19 patients to nursing homes which caused death and turmoil to many elderly New Yorkers. Not only did he hid Covid-19 nursing home deaths by not releasing the numbers for months after the reports were completed.

Of course, Chris Cuomo, Andrew Cuomo’s brother and CNN host has been deadly silent about the issue, not reporting updates to hundreds of millions of people only because his brother is involved. CNN as a whole, however, hasn’t exactly been silent on Cuomo, especially since the New York Attorney General report was released.

Nobody wants Andrew Cuomo to keep his job, except for Andrew Cuomo. He said very clearly that he has no intention of stepping down as Governor, and there may be a lengthy process to get him out of office if New Yorkers want him to leave. New Yorkers have the right to recall their elected officials, and only time will tell if they decide to do so.

Out of all the normalization that Cuomo has tried to use, none of the examples embraced the idea that putting hands upon a woman’s shirt was acceptable. Try again, Cuomo.