Amy Klobuchar Spark Controversy Over Women’s Rights Remarks

In a few words that speak volumes, Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) stirred up a heated conversation about women’s rights and the definition of womanhood on May 13.

Klobuchar, a prominent figure within the Democratic party, echoed the hypocritical belief on the left that has become the main focus of discussions surrounding reproductive rights. 

“Women should have control over their own bodies. Period,” she tweeted. 

The comments were met with a great deal of backlash, as critics dug up different reasons the tweet is not the epic tweet she thought it was.

While she also had supporters on the subject, critics argue that the senator and her Democratic colleagues have failed to define what it means to be a woman, thereby undermining their credibility on issues related to women’s rights.

Some of the criticisms were based on the premise that if the definition of womanhood remains unclear, the idea of establishing clear boundaries and protecting the rights of women is nothing more than a performative show of concern. 

“Women shouldn’t have to share private spaces with biological men,” Scott Akors said, subtly calling out the hypocritical show of care that does not extend to decisions that should actually matter to biological women beyond reproductive rights.

A second user pointed out the inconsistency in Klobuchar’s stance and brought up her support of Biden’s vaccine mandate, saying, “Countless women did not have control over their bodies when they were given the choice between losing their jobs or taking the experimental Covid mRNA vaccines.”

Acknowledging the importance of individual choice, a third person sought to bring to light the unique circumstances surrounding pregnancy as they expressed the belief that a pregnant woman’s body does not belong to her alone.

In the individual’s words: “So should men. So should medical personnel. So should state/federal employees. However, when it comes to being pregnant, it’s no longer just a single individual. There’s a baby in there.”

Another user came from a similar angle, writing, “It should also be legal for pregnant women to smoke meth and shoot heroin while pregnant, too. Their body, their choice. Right?” 


Klobuchar has always been vocal when it comes to the fight for abortion access for all women. In April, she condemned the court ruling that suspended access to abortion pill mifepristone.

“You can’t have three judges making a decision for women across the country,” she stated.