Amid Afghan Refugee Influx, DC Govt. Warns Of Dangers Of Online Extremism

The thousands of Afghan refugees who have fled the tragic situation in Afghanistan after Biden surrendered the country to the Taliban have now landed in Washing and have flooded the public hospitals due to the ongoing pandemic. Afghanistan has turned into a jail for its citizens with a catastrophic human rights situation induced into the country by the Taliban, all thanks to Biden.

The Taliban have destroyed everything the US has been fighting for in the country for the past 20 years. In just over a month of their occupation, the entire government has fallen, and democracy has gone back to existing in the fantasy of its citizens. For those of them who fled to the US are now at risk of facing violent extremism. According to the district’s emergency management agency, there has been extremist rhetoric surrounding the withdrawal of the US from Afghanistan and the thousands of Afghan refugees coming into the country.

There have already been reports floating around about the possibility that some of the Taliban’s, or associated terrorist groups have been among the refugees traveling to the US. Moreover, some 100 of them have already been flagged for further interrogation by the US intelligence. Amid this Biden-induced chaos, online extremism is rising more than ever, and the democrats are being attacked for having planned out the whole thing. According to an anonymous 4Chan user, the government is intentionally stationing the refugees in the critical electoral cities to increase the number of votes for the democrats by the refugees. Multiple such quotes have been floating around known online platforms like 4Chan, Free Republic, BitChute, and the official QAnon Telegram channel. Users have been expressing frustration and anger over the withdrawal from Afghanistan and are now elevated with the refugees pouring in. We have only one person to blame for this fiasco, and that is Biden.