Americans Prioritize Border Crisis Over Ukraine Conflict, Poll Shows

In a recent Rasmussen Poll, American voters have made their voices heard loud and clear, maintaining that the crisis on the southern border takes precedence over aiding Ukraine in its war against Russia. 

The poll, conducted from August 21 to 23 and surveying 1,024 likely voters, reveals that 60% of respondents believe that “getting the migrant crisis at the U.S. border under control” is paramount for national security. In contrast, only 30% feel that “supporting Ukraine in its war against Russia” holds greater significance. The remaining 10% were undecided.

Consensus on the issue spans racial boundaries as a significant 56% of white respondents, 65% of black respondents, and 68% of other minorities are united in the belief that addressing the southern border’s challenges takes precedence over the Ukraine conflict.

The numbers paint a vivid picture of national concern, with an overwhelming 65% of voters labeling the United States-Mexico border situation as a “crisis.” Just 24% disagree, while a mere 11% found themselves uncertain. 

Even when breaking down the numbers by party affiliation, it’s noteworthy that 51% of Democrats recognize the border situation as a crisis. An even more significant 84% of Republicans share this sentiment, along with 60% of those unaligned with any party.

Interestingly, when asked about the capability of political parties in dealing with the border crisis, respondents displayed a slight but tangible preference for Republicans. A total of 45% expressed confidence in Republicans, whereas 42% leaned toward Democrats, in a sentiment that mirrors findings from April.

Partisanship remains strong when it comes to perceived capability in handling the border crisis, with 81% of Republicans and 79% of Democrats believing their respective parties are better suited to handle it. Curiously, among those who identify as unaffiliated, the scales tip slightly in favor of the GOP, with 42% trusting Republicans and 31% expressing faith in Democrats.

President Joe Biden garnered less than average approval when respondents were quizzed about his handling of the immigration problem. The poll indicates that only 33% of respondents approve of his performance in handling immigration, while 42% gave him a poor rating.

This polling comes as the current administration has continuously shelled out monetary, military and humanitarian support for Ukraine to help in its defense against Russia. Last month, a supplemental spending request was brought forward to Congress to provide more than $20 million in emergency defense aid and humanitarian support for the country.

While the administration insists that supporting the embattled country is essential to America’s national security interests, there are concerns that the resources being put into the aiding efforts could be put to better use if directed into the worsening migration problem.