Americans Are Not Falling For Biden’s Lies About the Economy

Over nearly 16 months, Joe Biden has managed to make a complete mess of the economy. Earlier this week, inflation reached a four-decade high and consumer prices shot up by 8.5%.

Americans aren’t happy. More economic problems come in the forms of higher interest rates, warnings from economists about a 2023 recession, and businesses like Chipotle turning to robots over human workers.

To this very day, the president will not take responsibility for putting the American economy on life support. Biden continues to come out with one lie after the other, expecting the country to fall for it.

According to PJ Media, the president’s latest lies about the economy involve tying it all to Russian President Vladimir Putin and his war crimes in Ukraine.

Using War in Ukraine For Political Gain

No one can deny that Putin invaded Ukraine or that unspeakable harm is taking place against civilians in the nation.

However, this reality doesn’t mean that Biden gets off scot-free when it comes to setting in motion the current economic problems. Nevertheless, Biden is trying to use the war in Ukraine to dodge responsibility for the messes he’s made here in America.

On Tuesday, the president claimed that the budget of everyday Americans ought not to depend on whether a foreign dictator declares war against another country.

Yet, the thing is, Americans’ budgets don’t depend on this at all. They depend on whether or not US leaders are carelessly printing money and passing spending bills like it’s nothing.

These poor policies, not Putin’s atrocities in Ukraine, are the cause of economic inflation. Inflation was an issue for Americans several months before the Russian government attacked Ukraine.

Even though Biden wants to argue that current US economic problems are Putin’s fault, the timeline just doesn’t add up.

Plans to Hold Biden Accountable

Judging from a series of polls that show Republicans winning midterms and Democratic incumbents trailing GOP challengers, Americans appear ready to hold this president accountable.

Biden must be held accountable, not just for starting inflation, but also for refusing to end it. In real-time, this president is calling for members of Congress to vote for additional spending packages that are going to worsen inflation.

However, without Democrats in control of Congress, Biden can kiss goodbye the blank check he’s enjoyed on Capitol Hill. With Republicans back in charge of the House and the Senate, the US economy can finally begin the healing process.