American Mom And Kids ‘Successfully Rescued’ From Afghanistan But Mission Organizer ACCUSES State Dept. Of Trying To STEAL The Credit

Republican Markwayne Mullin decided to go all the way to Kabul when a mother of three children called out to the state department for help but didn’t get any response. The lady named Mariam and her three children are American citizens and had gone to visit Kabul before the Taliban’s occupation there and were trapped there.

Mullin claimed that he had received an email from someone he knew if he could do anything to help Mariam, who was stuck in Kabul and after receiving no satisfactory answer from the State Department. He immediately set out on the mission along with a team. They have finally been rescued after a little over three weeks, and Mullin also tweeted about it. Still, the State Department tried to take credit for it by confirming the news in a statement that the US facilitated the safe departure of the four citizens and that the Embassy members were also present for their arrival.

In a statement to Fox News, Cory Mills straight-up accused the State Department of trying to take credit by exaggerating the events. He claimed that Mariam had reached out to the State Department but received no response. Mills, along with a private team of military veterans, funded by private donors, gathered to carry out the mission with zero contribution from the Government. Moreover, Mullin also called out the State Departments’ tweet and boldly stated that the Biden administration is still trying to save face for leaving the Americans behind by taking credit for the expedition. He tweeted that it was all a lie and that the administration needs to clarify that they have left behind American citizens in Kabul, still awaiting their rescue, and its private teams like that led by Mullin that are hard at work. Simultaneously, the Government continues to present false narratives.