American Confidence In Military Falling Steeply Under Biden

A new survey released last week by the Ronald Reagan Institute shows that American confidence in the military has taken a staggering blow since Joe Biden assumed office in January. Respondents expressing a “great deal of confidence” in the U.S. military have fallen off in that time by 11 percent.

The total of respondents saying they have great trust and confidence in the country’s armed forces stands at only 45 percent, marking the first time that number has fallen below 50 percent since the beginning of the survey in 2018. That number stood at 56 percent in February of this year.

The summary issued with the results stated that during the Biden administration and a “few months removed from the Afghanistan withdrawal,” Americans are “equivocal and unsure” about the nation’s military leadership and capabilities.

Republicans said that their confidence level has fallen by 34 percentage points, while it dropped 28 points among independents and 17 points among Democrats since 2018.

The country’s military force still stands atop the most trusted American institutions list. However, its position is slipping more quickly than other governmental institutions, including the news media, the Supreme Court, law enforcement, and even Congress.

The most common complaint leading to low confidence in the military was “political leadership.” America’s military leaders drew only 33 percent of respondents who said they are the “best in the world.” As for enlisted service personnel, 36 percent said they are the best globally, and 46 percent said they are “one of the best.”

As to the ability of the military to carry out its core responsibilities, only 57 percent of respondents expressed a “great deal of confidence” in its current ability to keep the country safe. Only 42 percent had great confidence in the military’s ability to win a war, and 40 percent said they are confident in its capacity to act professionally and non-politically.

A bipartisan team conducted the Democratic Beacon Research and Republican Shaw & Company Research survey between October 25 and November 7.

The survey follows the disastrous withdrawal of forces from Afghanistan by Biden. It comes amid the Pentagon’s campaign to get rid of “extremists” in the military while promoting efforts to increase diversity and gender inclusion along with an aggressive climate change agenda.