America is Quickly Turning into Gotham City

The fundamental connection between order and a peaceful, functional society has been overlooked by the American left for far too long.

Calls to “defund the police” quickly began in 2020. Aside from the inherently flawed nature of such an initiative, its premise was built on a lie. The entire “defund the police” movement stemmed from a misconception that police forces across the nation have biases against non-white Americans.

However, despite the lies, many Democrats truly did defund the police. In 2020, Democrats also used COVID-19 as an excuse to let criminals out of prisons. Not long afterward, America watched the left roll back bail laws and let offenders taken into custody back onto the streets in a matter of days.

Needless to say, innocent Americans are the ones suffering as the war on law and order takes place, as covered by The Federalist.

Unspeakable Crimes Committed Against the Innocent

In communities like Washington D.C., New York City, Philadelphia and other communities run by the left, violent criminals are getting a free ride.

Criminals are getting released early from prison, receiving little to no bail, only to go out and commit additional offenses. This has created a situation where innocent people are being caught in the crosshairs of criminals who should be held accountable.

Left-wing district attorneys have decided that it’s not politically correct for very high bail rates to be set for criminals. Meanwhile, most Americans can agree that when authorities don’t hold offenders accountable, it hurts people and communities as a whole.

Various law enforcement officers, such as Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia, are consistently speaking out against this shift towards allowance of lawlessness and crimes against the innocent.

According to Garcia, low or no bond for violent offenders isn’t the answer to having better communities. In fact, it creates an environment where criminals are able to have a free ride while law-abiding folks suffer.

There’s also some unfortunate irony in Democrats who support soft-on-crime policies also supporting gun control measures that restrict lawful people from owning firearms.
This culture of defunding the police and giving criminals a free ride is hurting the United States across the board.

The One and Only Solution

In order to stop lawlessness from taking hold, the right leaders need to be in power. This isn’t just about having the right mayors and governors in office. It also boils down to district attorneys, city council members, and others who understand the importance of law and order.

Putting the interests of criminals first is backwards and will never bring about justice. Leaders who insist upon this course of action need to be voted out of office and replaced with officials who value law and order.