America Is Now Actually ‘THE MESS’ Dems Pretended It Was Under Trump

Before the election of Donald Trump, Democrats and their media flying monkeys informed Americans that the United States was doomed. For the United States, the first three years of Donald Trump’s presidency were beneficial. People would have read or heard nothing else if you were a frequent consumer of mainstream media in the United States. However, since “ORANGE MAN BAD” was responsible for the ruination of this once-great land. Throughout Trump’s administration, the MSM wailed nonstop. Nothing matched their statement, and as a result, they repeatedly lied, particularly on Russia. They also reported an avalanche of anti-Trump rubbish every day.

In reality, the only genuine upheaval during Trump’s administration occurred in 2020, and it was entirely unrelated to him. The pandemic threw election integrity out the window. Over a year has passed since Democrats trampled on dead bodies to demolish any notion of openness in a US presidential election. As a result, Americans are presently living in the hells-cape that leftists in the United States falsely claimed existed throughout Trump’s presidency. Joe Biden’s brief presidency has developed into a more significant threat to Americans than the opponents anticipated less than a year ago.

The Taliban easily waltzed over Afghanistan, wiping out two decades of US and partner work and sacrifice. Without a doubt, the mainstream media would be in disagreement. They (MSM) were busy with President Empty Shell kicking dirtbags. Moreover, it’s almost as if someone grasped Biden’s hollow shell as well as attempted to impress upon his MSM lackeys just how ruthless and incompetent he is and has always been. Even his most ardent Democratic Media Complex followers turned on him within a few days.

Subsequently, if they were actual journalists, they would have reconsidered when Biden’s excessive Monopoly spending increased Inflation as well as heightened voter anxiety. Democrats warned people during Trump’s presidency that their global alliances did not respect Americans. He was never found in contempt of the British Parliament.

Moreover, America is just seven months and several days into Biden’s administration, but here is a sample of the havoc he has so far wreaked, Inflation is soaring, The Middle East peace deal Trump negotiated has been destabilized as well as American allies have lost faith in them, America’s adversaries ridicule them, the border with Mexico has become a COVID super spreader event, last but not least, Afghanistan. However, Americans retain a sense of optimism. If they could withstand Jimmy Carter’s presidency, they ought to be able to withstand the Biden administration as well.