Alabama Public Charter School Caters to LGBTQ Affirmation

Stories of “woke” public education affirming LGBTQ lifestyles and transgenderism have been becoming more common in Democrat-controlled “blue” states. Now, the trend is taking off in deep-red Alabama.

The Magic City Acceptance Academy (MCAA) is located in suburban Birmingham and is a public charter school. Even though that means it must be open to any family that wishes to apply, it says that affirmation for LGBTQ students is “built into its very foundation.”

MCAA began operations last fall with more than 270 students. One new student at the school said that MCAA has provided him safety from death threats and bullying. His mother described his experience at the new school as a “complete 180” and has made him a “different child altogether.”

Michael Wilson is the founding principal of the school and is a member of the LGBTQ community. He said that he has never before been able to say who he truly is in his work environment.

Wilson added that he saw a need for a LGBTQ school during his 28 years of experience in Birmingham City Schools. He said that students were not getting needed support from schools when dealing with anxiety, angst, depression, and suicidal ideation.

According to its website, MCAA’s mission is to create a community in which “all learners are empowered” in a “brave, LGBTQ-affirming learning environment.” The school’s stated vision is to engage students who have either not done well in or dropped out of other schools or have been enrolled in home-schooling programs. The school emphasizes self-directed education for grades six through twelve and is designed to promote a “LGBTQ-affirming culture.”

Some families of straight black children have been attracted to MCAA not for its LGBTQ culture, but as a way to escape from the dismal state of Birmingham’s failing urban public schools. The Daily Wire reports that straight kids are “flocking” to MCAA as an alternative to disastrous school conditions in their home zone.

As America sees gay students fleeing “straight schools” for a better culture and staight kids fleeing to “gay schools” for decent academics and safety, the call for school choice for all public school families should become more urgent.

Time will tell if teachers’ unions will either close down applications to LGBTQ schools or attempt to shutter them completely in order to prevent children from escaping the failing schools they prop up.