Afghanistan’s Last Hope Under Taliban Siege

The valley of Panjshir harbors the anti-Taliban group fighting the Taliban for the past few weeks. The valley lies just north of Kabul and is a haven for the Taliban’s enemies. The former vice-president of Afghanistan, Amrullah Saleh, is also taking shelter in the valley. The anti-Taliban resistance fighters are led by Ahmed Massoud, the son of a legendary Anti-Taliban warrior. He has been fighting the Taliban, trying to besiege the territory for a long time now.

Amrullah and Massoud have been working together to build up solid international support for the resistance fighters as the Taliban’s increase their offenses, which has caused casualties among resistance fighters. The Panjshir Valley is the only hope for Afghanistan under the Taliban’s siege with escalating violence from the Taliban. As the peace negotiations collapsed between the two groups this week, the senior member of the Taliban stated, almost threatening the resistance fighters of Panjshir, that if they wish to surrender, they can, but those who don’t will be met with combat. The clear indication of violence from the Taliban is a threat for those fighting against them, and it’s about time for the international powers to take a stand for them.

As the Taliban initiate violent offenses against them and Al-Qaeda join hands with the Taliban, the outcome will cause grave implications for the US. Representative Mike Waltz is the only one who stands correct in foreseeing the situation of Al-Qaeda joining hands with the Taliban and the possible future threat of ISIS joining in the offense. According to Waltz, if the US military joins hands with those in Panjshir and fights against the Taliban, they can disrupt their plots in the region.

As much as Waltz’s plan would have benefitted Afghanistan under Taliban siege, the plea falls on deaf ears of those in the White House and might be too late before they can take any action as Taliban’s initiate violent attacks.