Afghanistan Rescue Worker Reveals Biden Administration Is Lying About Number Of Americans Left Behind

According to a worker supporting fellow Americans fleeing to American beaches, Americans trapped in Afghanistan are under-reported. Jean Marie Thrower, an Army veteran who assisted the Biden administration’s hasty and chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, asserts that far more Americans remain than previously stated.

Thrower stated that despite the Biden administration’s lack of urgency, she wants to collaborate with them to secure their release. According to her, the administration is taking its time releasing them. However, according to Hot Air, a State Department briefing with spokesman Edward Price indicated that extractions are being delayed due to inaction on the part of the federal government. Concerning Afghanistan, they wanted to know if any extra flights for American citizens and green card holders have been scheduled and how many LPRs and AMCITs have evaded deportation. In addition, how many people do you believe are still there who wish to leave?

Mr. Price responded by stating that, since August 31st, they have assisted 85 US citizens and 79 LPRs in departing Afghanistan. It includes four Qatar Airways charter aircraft from Kabul with a total of 78 Americans on board. However, they are continuing to support the safe and orderly departure of Afghans through all available ways.

The majority of Price’s statistics were evacuations following the retreat from Afghanistan’s first week. Ed Morrissey noted that private parties assisted in getting them out while the US government waited on the safe side of the border. Thus, how many remain? People are not aware of the specific figure because the Biden administration would face severe consequences if the public were made aware. Indeed, Democrats and the news media have made a concerted effort to avoid talking about Afghanistan. As a result, it has opted to emphasize fictional border patrol conflicts over the actual amount of illegal immigrants entering the country. Therefore, America should hold the Biden administration accountable.