Afghanistan Didn’t Have To End This Way, But We Made Sure It Did

The Taliban announced this morning that, in violation of the agreement reached the previous day with the Afghan government for a peaceful transition of power, they are sending fighters into Kabul to maintain peace, as previously reported. Because everyone weighs in on the decline, some opinions are as follows: Americans were victorious in a war they later decided to abandon. In December 2001, the fight for Tora Bora came to a close, with all of President Bush’s goals fulfilled by our forces. However, President Biden has stated that the Taliban would face the consequences for refusing to comply with his requests. He asserts that military action is intended to pave the way for ongoing, thorough, and unrelenting operations to evict and apprehend them.

Moreover, few natural resources, a poor road network, and no electrical infrastructure in Afghanistan contributed to the country’s lack of national identity and a common language. Afghanistan policy during the Obama administration was considerably more severe. It should have been military forces that were evacuated, not just a few Special Forces advisers, as some have suggested. Additionally, Afghan President Hamid Karzai has been accused of forsaking the persons that assisted him in gaining power in the country. Because the Taliban have no stake in the result, he considers them accountable for the challenges.

Furthermore, Gloria Borger is a lady who currently resides in the United States of America. She asserts that the women and girls of Afghanistan would bear the brunt of the arrogance of academics who imagined they could convert a society deeply rooted in tradition and religious beliefs into something more modern. In addition, Joe Biden has transformed a simple defeat into an embarrassing rout in Afghanistan. According to him, a long time ago, someone decided that it was time to alter Afghan culture, and as a result, the seeds of this goat-rope were sown to accomplish this goal. He argues that because child sexual assault was a culturally acceptable practice, the United States military was unaware.

However, people observe little indication in military or political channels that the proper lessons of Afghanistan are being studied beyond shifting blame. The grief people hear and witness is not for the twenty years of battle forced on Afghanistan, the American and allied troops who have died and been wounded, or the ongoing vengeance. Specifically, the nation-building project is being grieved because it failed so horribly that the American people may never allow it to happen again in their lifetime.