According To Some, Joseph R. Biden Is A “Hollow Man”

Just like the buildings in Hollywood movies, the Biden administration is nothing short of a facade. Everything on the outside is merely a show with no reality but is enough to impress the audience, while the inside is an opposite reality. Only in the case of Biden’s administration is it a crippling and utterly corrupt scenario.

Biden was brought into office by the Democrats, MSM, anti-Trump, and the supreme court. Nobody seemed to question the hollow man who has been showing disgusting behavior time and again. He is not the lovely 78-year-old uncle-type person that everyone views him as. Biden lacks the basic sense of empathy and regard for others’ losses. When receiving the dead bodies of the 13 fallen soldiers in Kabul, Biden kept on looking at his watch as if he wanted to get it over with as soon as possible. Even when talking to the families, he kept talking about his dead son Beau, turning the whole thing about his son when Biden was one responsible for the death of those soldiers.

It is nothing, and he has been on to these types of inappropriate behaviors for years. There are reports of him having touched the females at the Capitol and passed illicit remarks. The older man with no sense of right or wrong has been brought to the presidential office. Within seven months of his first term, the economy is sinking, the country’s foreign relations have taken a hit, the pandemic situation has gotten out of hand, the southern border is a complete mess, and to top it all off, the epic failure of Afghanistan is all on Biden’s hands. Even his administration has failed to knock some sense into the hollow man who has been lying to us constantly about the actual situation of the country, and every time he decides to address the name, the words coming out of his mouth are nothing but a bunch of lies and twisted facts.