Abbott: We Are Taking The Border To Biden

Appearing on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” on Friday, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott called out the Biden administration, saying that “if they will not go to the border, we’re taking the border to them.”

The Texas governor is speaking out about his unprecedented move to bus illegal immigrants to Democrat-run areas that have declared themselves “sanctuaries” for illegals, noting that he was sending these border crossers to locations including Vice President Kamala Harris’ residence so that they can understand what is happening at the southern border.

Abbott made sure to mention that the actions he is taking are also designed to help “relieve the burden” faced by border towns.

“Listen, in part in Texas, we are doing it to relieve the burden that our local communities are facing along the border,” the governor said. “We have small communities of about 25,000 people who have thousands of illegal immigrants dumped into their community. So, they were begging for relief, and that’s exactly why we began this bussing operation to Washington, D.C.”

He went on to note that both Harris, who is supposed to be the “border czar,” and President Joe Biden have refused to go to the border, so the only way to make them see the consequences of their policies is to bring the border to them.

“We have a president who has refused to go see the chaos that he has created on the border and a border czar in Kamala Harris who has refused to see what’s going on at the border,” Abbott said. “So if they will not go to the border, we’re taking the border to them. So they can see the challenges they are posing to the entire United States of America.”

“This year, more than 2 million people will cross the border illegally,” he added. “They need to deal with those consequences as well as the result of what the United Nations says, and that is U.S.-Mexico border is the deadliest land crossing in the world.”