Abbott Moves To Mitigate Issues From Title 42’s Repeal 

In a move aimed at addressing the anticipated surge of illegal immigrants crossing into the United States, Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced on Monday the deployment of a specially trained National Guard force to the southern border.

The decision comes as the Biden Administration prepares to end COVID-19 restrictions, including Trump-era policy Title 42, under which illegal immigrants can be immediately expelled at borders.

Concerns have been raised that the expiration of Title 42 on May 11 could worsen the illegal migration crisis, with estimates of daily crossings reaching as high as 13,000.

Abbott, who has been a vocal critic of President Joe Biden’s open-border policies, expressed his concerns about the potential chaos that could ensue as a result of the elimination of COVID-19 restrictions at the Mexican border.

At a news conference, he outlined his plan to deploy up to 10,000 specially trained National Guard members from the Texas Tactical Border Force, along with 1,200 Texas Department of Public Safety troopers, to secure the Texas border ahead of the expiration of Title 42.

According to the governor, these elite forces will be stationed at “hot spots along the border to intercept, repel and to turn back migrants who are trying to enter Texas illegally.”

“The Texas National Guard will identify, fill in the gaps, and shut down some 29 crossing points along the border using state-of-the-art equipment and tools such as aircraft, boats, night vision equipment, and riot gear,” Abbott stated.

Joining the governor in making the announcement were Texas National Guard Adjunct General Thomas Suelzer, Texas Border Czar Mike Banks and Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steve McCraw.

Suelzer highlighted the multi-phased response plan being executed by the Texas National Guard. “We have shifted troops to hotspots, added additional drone teams, and increased miles of barrier along the border,” he stated.

McCraw emphasized the Texas Department of Public Safety’s commitment to holding the line and ensuring that only the 29 designated places remain as points of entry into the United States.

The surge in illegal immigration has been a growing concern since President Biden took office. The crisis has become so acute that Abbott as well as some other governors resorted to busing undocumented migrants to Democrat-led areas like Chicago, Washington DC and New York City. 

Abbott has promised that the transfer of illegal immigrants from Texas into other states will not be stopping anytime soon, as he stands on his plan to see to the criminalization of illegal crossings from Mexico into Texas.