A Third Trump Impeachment?

Democrats continue to seek to destabilize Donald Trump’s government. However, how much? Biden’s politically tainted Justice Department must send Obama’s tax returns to Congress. The Merrick Garland Department of Justice claimed it was wrong to refuse to provide these returns first in 2019. As an explanation, they asserted that their decision was based on the delusional notion that Congress only wanted them so that they could be made accessible for public consumption at the time. Likewise, as Acting Assistant Attorney General Dawn Johnsen of the agency’s Office of Legal Counsel argues, neither the public nor the committee can predict what the committee will learn or discover. Johnsen proceeded by noting that the respect afforded to a co-equal arm of government demands their expectation that the committee would handle tax information received in a manner consistent with taxpayer privacy concerns.

Additionally, a question arises that should Americans expect Congress, which has a Democrat majority in the House, to be sympathetic to Mr. Trump’s privacy? Nevertheless, if anybody considers the totality of Russian collusion or obstruction of justice to none, including two fraudulent impeachments, not to include the ongoing J6 hearing witch hunt, they have never proven how reasonable a Congress would respond to any of Mr. Trump’s concerns. Furthermore, Congress is expected to lose little time revealing its skewed perspective of Trump’s tax returns to the public. As the Rolling Stones advised, they would “Paint it Black” if there are any grey regions in the forms after which they could quickly disassemble them.

Hence, would they uncover any genuine infractions? Although unlikely, when has that ever mattered when it comes to pursuing Donald Trump? The returns would very certainly disclose little more than the efforts of experienced accountants to reduce the real estate baron’s tax burden. That is, whether Americans are ready to accept an impartial assessment of the situation. And the citizens are well aware of the Trump-hating Democrats as well as RINOs’ objectivity. However, the Democrats have proven that the office’s lack of power does not prohibit them from attempting to impeach a President. Therefore, a third impeachment effort is expected soon.