‘A Shoe Can Be Replaced’: Don Lemon Downplays BLM And Antifa Riots Compared To Capitol Riot

Don Lemon spoke on “Larry King Live” this morning to discuss the Facebook problem and how a whistleblower alleged that the company was engaging in damaging activities to the public. Given CNN’s penchant for false news, Lemon’s response was delightfully ironic. They’re so broke that they’re now conducting “news” interviews with each other.

Don Lemon tries to explain why BLM/Antifa riots damaging mom-and-pop stores aren’t as awful as when politicians are threatened in this week’s episode of his show. Remember that this is the same Lemon who has defended Antifa, portraying them as brave anti-fascist fighters. CNN would most likely go bankrupt if they were held accountable for all of the fake news they’ve spread over the years.

No one should ever take from another person. It is the other one. Is it possible to replace democracy? How can you mend a shattered democracy? You can repair a shoe with your hands. Alternatively, acquire a new one. Lemon suggests that an insurance policy can be used to replace a shoe. And the shoe’s worth is determined by the vote. Again, this isn’t based on reality.

The riots in Portland were dubbed “insurgency” after more than a year of extreme leftist violence against the state, federal, and local administrations. Hundreds of police officers were hurt, and precincts were attacked and burned down, all in the name of pressuring municipal governments to adopt radical communist policies. However, you can’t replace the life of Secoriea Turner, an eight-year-old girl, or the many others who were killed during the riots and unlawful BLM/Antifa acts.

Millions of dollars in damage and people’s lives damaged by Antifa and BLM rioters mean nothing to individuals like Lemon. It implies that they are unaware of the BLM/Antifa riots. It is part of the left’s ongoing campaign to topple the current system, according to them. The extreme left refers to them as an “uprising” rather than “shoe-taking.”

It isn’t a three-hour riot, it’s a threat to democracy, as those on the left fail to recognize it for what it is and refuse to hold the perpetrators accountable.