A Recession is Only a Recession If Biden and the Dems Say So

Forget the textbook definition of a recession, what is common knowledge and the standards that most apply. We now know that a recession is not a recession unless President Joe Biden and his Democratic cronies say it is.

For most Americans, Thursday’s gross domestic product reports showing a 0.9% downturn in U.S. economic activity confirmed what they already knew. And following the 1.6% contraction in the first quarter, the standard qualification for a recession was fulfilled.

In 2008, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) declared that two quarters of negative growth is the “technical definition” of recession.

Of course, that was when Republican George W. Bush was president, so the circumstances were much different for the Democrats.

The president himself responded to the news of recession with a laundry list of talking points about the economy. Some of Biden’s highlights were directly tied to the recovery brought on by reopening businesses that had been shut down or severely restricted due to COVID-19.

Another point made concerned the Inflation Reduction Act, an agreement that mysteriously came together out of thin air this week when Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) suddenly remembered he’s a Democrat.

Even leftists realize this bill has virtually zero to do with reining in inflation. It’s a climate and energy spending bill at its core, and it will pump hundreds of billions more of federal money into the overheated economy.

The president ended his pep talk with “that doesn’t sound like a recession to me.” Of course, that’s not what a first world country bases its economic condition on — one man’s opinion.

And then of course, there’s inflation.

Back-to-back quarters of negative growth coupled with four-decade high price increases checks the main boxes for most consumer’s idea of a recessionary economy.

Add to that the shrinking of inflation-adjusted wages, and it’s an open and shut case.

Nevermind that the latest Suffolk University/USA Today poll found 50.4% of Americans believe the nation is already in a recession. Another 15.9% define the current economic conditions as a depression.

A whopping 9.2% see the economy as in recovery.

Since the U.S. is not a banana republic, one man does not get to dictate the truth of a recession or any other event of public knowledge. But from a party that believes a man can declare himself a woman and that’s all it takes, what else would we expect?