A Potential Cyberattack by Russia is No Joke

At this time, the war in Ukraine has been going on for over one month. Russian aggression in the nation isn’t dying down, either. In fact, Russian President Vladimir Putin appears more determined than ever to make a point.

Thus far, Putin’s declared May 9, 2022 as a “Victory Day” for when he plans to fully have Ukraine in his grasp. The Russian president has likewise been getting more aggressive against the West, with talks of nuclear war and whatnot.

At the same time, Joe Biden is steadily inching everyone closer to World War III with various comments about regime change and talks of American troops being sent into Ukraine. If things continue as they have been, it’s only a matter of time before tensions further escalate.

Sadly, the current president has also informed America that possible cyberattacks from the Russian regime are not out of the question. As documented by PJ Media, a cyberattack against the United States from Russia is a very huge deal.

The Danger of a Cyberattack from Russia

A cyberattack from the Russian government would very likewise involve the use of malware or a virus that is directed towards one component of the American economy.

However, despite the initial target from a cyberattack, the virus or malware could very well spread to our nation’s larger systems. Some examples of potential impacts could be Americans losing access to funds in bank accounts, air traffic control disruptions, satellite interference, etc.

In many ways, a cyberattack carries the potential to do just as much harm to the United States as a nuclear bomb, if not more. For this very reason, it’s not a good idea for Biden to be openly antagonizing Putin with talks about regime change or sending in American troops to fight Russian soldiers in Ukraine.

Where are the Adults?

When Biden ran for the White House in 2020, his supporters claimed that “the adults” would finally be back in the room under his administration.

Meanwhile, Biden’s administration has been rushing to clean up his various off-the-cuff remarks about the war overseas. As a matter of fact, the adults haven’t been in the room since Biden set foot into the Oval Office.

If the adults were currently in the room, things never would have escalated this far. Biden would be able to command respect from world leaders, thus preventing Ukraine from even being hit by Russia in the first place.

It’s quite telling that for the four years Trump was president, Putin never once hit Ukraine; yet, less than two years into Biden’s term, Putin is not only attacking Ukraine, but also threatening the West.