A Malfunctioning Joe Biden’s State Of The Union Confused Speech Was On A Dead Agenda

Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address was a retread of everything he’d stated in the previous two years. The speech was poorly worded and lacked noteworthy passages. The applause lines were embarrassingly contrived, and the president frequently fumbled over his remarks. He is a man with no accomplishments and is well aware of it.

For more than 30 minutes, Biden just reiterated talking points regarding his Build Back Better measure. He used the “joke” about deer donning Kevlar jackets to promote gun control. That measure is no longer alive and will not be revived. People have seen what “more government” brings them over the previous year and they are mostly uninterested in receiving another dose.

President Joe Biden began his State of the Union Address by mentioning COVID-19 testing (which has already been postponed) and then discussed burn pits in Iraq and his son’s cancer. It was as if he awoke this afternoon, took his pills and then delivered this speech as if it were January 2021. The speech was so unimpressive that people couldn’t think of anything else to say about it.

Moreover, Joe Biden’s words sounded like spitting into the wind. According to former House Speaker John Boehner, this was a speech from a president who had nothing noteworthy to say since his presidency had been a fiasco. He hasn’t learned any lessons and he intends to continue driving the country down a cliff, says President Joe Biden.

Therefore Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address was, at best, meandering and at worst, incomprehensible. It provided no meaningful remedies to hurting Americans and was a complete failure. There will be no polling bounce in this case. The media will hail this as a fantastic reset that has brought the country together. No one outside the beltway noticed it while they were watching.