A Smashing Two-Thirds Of Independents Dislike Of Joe Biden’s Work Execution

As Republicans look to be in a great position to recapture one or both chambers of Congress in next year’s midterm elections, Joe Biden’s popularity rating has plummeted to a new low. According to this survey, his disapproval rating has risen to 59 percent, the lowest level for the president since he assumed office.

It’s even worse than the poll’s 41 percent approval rating (55 percent disapproval) following Biden’s catastrophic pullout from Afghanistan in August. Independent voters were the harshest on Biden, with a whopping 67 percent disapproving of his job performance.

According to a poll, 45 percent of Americans believe Joe Biden is performing worse than they expected as president. One-fifth of those polled said the essential thing for Biden to do in the coming year is resigning, retiring, or quitting. Vice President Kamala Harris had a worse approval rating than Biden, at just 28%, with most respondents disapproving of her job (51%).

Moreover, Biden’s poor job performance is regarded as damaging Democrats in the off-year elections last week. Many registered voters disapprove of his handling of the COVID-19 epidemic, the economy, immigration, climate change, and foreign policy, among other topics. In New Jersey, a blue-collar Republican truck driver upset a 20-year incumbent and state Senate, president. Glenn Youngkin, a Virginia Republican, defeated former Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe in a state that Biden carried by ten points last year.

According to a USA Today/Suffolk University study, 46 percent would vote for a generic Republican congressional candidate, while 38 percent would vote for a generic Democrat. According to David Paleologos, the Suffolk University Political Research Center Director, this news should disturb the moderate Democratic establishment. A generic congressional ballot test reveals how people feel about both main parties collectively.

“Ask Youngkin,” he added, “absence makes the voters grow fonder.” The poll, conducted by landline and mobile phone among 1,000 registered voters, had a +/- 3.1 percent margin of error. The majority of Americans believe neither candidate should run for president in 2024.