A COVID-19 Bloodbath On Its Way In Connecticut

Nursing facilities in Connecticut are being urged to accept COVID-positive patients from hospitals despite rising positivity rates, according to new recommendations from the state Department of Public Health. According to the Hartford Courant, the State’s Department of Health and Human Services (DPH) has published a new set of guidelines to lessen the mounting demand on hospitals as the number of COVID-19 cases hits record levels. The health department previously required patients being moved from a hospital to an LTC facility to have a negative COVID test within 48 hours of their transfer, but that rule has now been eliminated.

Please bring this to my attention. We’ve seen something like this before, so where is it? In Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New York! These states all compelled nursing homes to admit COVID-positive patients, leading to major COVID epidemics. Of course, Joe Biden’s Justice Department failed to investigate the scandals because they didn’t want to hold Democrat governors accountable for such fatal policies. Joe Biden referred to former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo as the “gold standard.”

Cuomo authorized nursing homes to accept patients with COVID on March 25, 2020. Sadly, that order proved fatal. Having patients with COVID in nursing homes caused the virus to spread, as Cuomo described it, “like fire across parched grass.” Neither did these facilities.

Nursing homes cannot object. “That is the rule, and they must follow it,” Cuomo said in April 2020. After the disaster on May 11, he reversed his decision. When the scandal broke (in conservative media), nursing home patients accounted for at least 43% of all COVID deaths despite making up only 0.4% of the US population. It is not suitable for Connecticut. Since the governor is a Democrat, it is safe to assume that Biden’s Justice Department will never hold him accountable.