A California Democrat is in Trouble For Dating App Scam

In 2022, it is not uncommon for people to use dating apps to find love, romance, and otherwise meet potential partners.

Dating apps are a bit dependent upon the honor system. In order for people to truly make the most of them, it relies on users to be honest about themselves and who they are. While this doesn’t always happen, account profiles should be an accurate representation of each user.

Over the years, there have been terrible stories of people catfishing on dating apps, intentionally misrepresenting themselves, or otherwise pretending to be something they’re not.

Unfortunately for California Democrat Rudy Salas, he’s been found out to have catfished multiple women on dating apps.

A Red Flag Ahead of Election Time
Salas happens to be running to represent California’s 22nd district. Although, his lack of honesty on dating sites like Bumble and Tinder may end up throwing a wrench into his plans to serve in Congress.

On both Bumble and Tinder, Salas claimed to be 34-years-old in order to match with women on these sites. In actuality, the California Democrat is 45-years-old. This intentional misrepresentation on his end is significant.


Dating apps come with various filters that users can put in place to screen out people they don’t wish to match with. One of these filters is age groups.

Therefore, by Salas intentionally lying about his age, he could have very well appeared on the profiles of women who don’t want to match with a 45-year-old.

The Democrat’s catfishing behavior on Bumble and Tinder came to light after various screenshots of his profile accounts were publicized. In reaction to this, Salas admitted he is guilty of a “mistake” and said he won’t repeat it in the future.

The Political Fallout
Rudy Salas’ willingness to deceive people about his age prompted questions about what else he’d be willing to lie about if he believed he’d get away with it.


A House GOP PAC known as the Congressional Leadership Fund is now holding Salas’ feet to the fire.

The group urged California residents in the 22nd district to ultimately “swipe left” on the Democrat, warning that he can’t be entrusted with representing them.

In another ironic twist, Salas has previously claimed one of his favorite characteristics in other people is truthfulness.