A Biden Supporter ‘Regrets’ Trying To ‘Disrupt’ A Trump Rally In Arizona

Last night, President Donald Trump addressed a rally in Florence, Arizona, drawing large fans. Cars attempting to enter the rally location were held up for kilometers. During his speech, Trump was in fine form, attacking Joe Biden and all of his shortcomings.

However, one of Biden’s supporters managed to attend the rally to cause disruptions while wearing a Biden shirt. Her arrest and confinement enraged the lunatic left. The untruth that she was detained for “saying things they didn’t like” was shared by the “Patriot Takes’ Twitter account, which purports to be affiliated with the anti-GOP activists Midas Touch. Joe Biden might have wished he didn’t have this woman dressed in a Biden shirt but was arrested by the cops.

That story was critical of the cops, implying an unjust arrest without knowing the details. Raw Story said she was detained for being “disruptive,” but they had no idea why she was handcuffed.

Is it any surprise that bogus information like this so readily manipulates those on the left? Or that they promote ludicrous conspiracy theories like Russia collusion, as well as their most recent blunder, the erroneous allegation that Tom Cotton was duped by a Russian letter to push the concept of acquiring Greenland?

She attempted to enrage the audience and elicit a reaction as a security guard trailed her, trying to keep things under control. Someone removed her sign, but she returned the favor by stealing a sign from a booth. She then crossed the line and threatened the security man with a punch. That’s when he gave the cops a signal. Her situation did not turn out nicely.

If you disturb the peace, you may be thrown out, and if you threaten individuals, you may be arrested. None of this is protected under the First Amendment. And here’s a hint for the liberals: why don’t you attempt to check your facts? It has been realized that’s a problem for you, but give it a shot.