2022 Will Not Be Joe Biden’s Year

According to the reports, Joe Biden’s approval rating is at 43 percent in the RCP average of surveys, which is a respectable figure if you’re battling for the home run lead but a dismal approval percentage. He was ousted from the President just hours after taking office, like a starting pitcher who lets up six runs in the first inning and wants to pull his team back into the game.

Moreover, Biden reversed Trump’s border measures, and the US-Mexico border now has a welcoming sign. Naturally, petrol costs rose, as did the number of individuals trying to enter the country illegally during a pandemic.

In a country divided against itself, Biden promised what he couldn’t deliver. He traded on hope, which was potentially just as deceiving as Trump’s lies. In such a country, restoration is impossible. Since Trump left office, over 400 thousand Americans have died of COVID-19, many of them because they refused to acquire a free, life-saving vaccination.

Of course, Glasser forgot that Kamala Harris promised that she would never take the Trump vaccination. If the public were satisfied with the Biden Administration, no one would be talking about the past election.

It all began when he opted to rule in the manner of Bernie Sanders rather than the moderate they had been promised. Who knows what the year ahead will bring? Along with the first Tuesday of every month in 2022, this is likely to be negative news.