15 Cops ‘Got Shot’ In The Past 24 Hours Including 9 In Phoenix

Since the beginning of the year, 55 police officers in the United States have been shot in the line of duty, with five of them dead. In the previous 24 hours, 15 cops have been injured, including nine in Phoenix. “Enough is enough!” exclaims the speaker. President of the National Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), Patrick Yoes, stated.

As seen on video, a man emerges from a residence with a pink bag and a baby. As directed by authorities, the guy walks backward while maintaining his hands in the air. In the video, someone states, “He’s got a baby.”

Moreover, Morris Jones, the suspect, had already attempted to flee by ramming his automobile through a police barricade. Sgt. John Williams claimed Jones continued to fire bullets at officers, and one of them returned fire. When a SWAT squad got on the scene, they utilized ballistic shields to save the unharmed infant. When officers arrived at the house, they discovered Jones dead, and a woman thought to be his ex-girlfriend badly injured.

There were other shootings in California, New York, and Texas and the deadly shootings of police officers in Oregon. “It is incumbent upon their elected officials and community leaders to speak out against police brutality.”

Too many government officials and community leaders are silent regarding violence against police officers. Some are deliberately instigating mob violence against police personnel. Officers will be respected again only when the individuals who placed the target on their backs remove it.

Most individuals who say such things seem to support the blue when it’s convenient merely and then label the same folks all to be brownshirts the next day, again based entirely on convenience. Most of these jerks have no concept of what officers do daily, have no notion of what the reality of police work looks like, and don’t seem to care. They know that crime rates in blue regions have risen dramatically for many causes, and they blame the lowest person on the totem pole for everything because it’s simple, and researching into it or educating themselves would appear to work and would not fit the narrative.